James Person Simonds, MD 1912-1914
James Person Simonds, MD
Chair 1912-1914
Burdett Loomis Arms, MD 1914-1916
Burdett Loomis Arms, MD
Chair 1914-1916
Mark F. Boyd, MD 1917-1921
Mark F. Boyd, MD
Chair 1917-1921
William B. Sharp, MD 1921-1940
William B. Sharp, MD, PhD
Carl A. Nau, MD 1941-1961
Carl A. Nau, MD
Chair 1941-1961
Don W. Micks, MD 1966-1985
Don W. Micks, ScD
Chair 1961-1985
Harold Sandstead, MD 1985-1990
Harold Sandstead, MD
Chair 1985-1990
Billy Phillips, PhD
Billy Phillips, PhD, MPH
Chair 2007-2009
Harvey Bunce III, MD
Harvey Bunce, III, PhD
Chair 1991-2007 and 2009-2012
Laura Rudkin, PhD
Chair 2012 to present

Preventive Medicine

1912-1914 James Person Simonds
1914-1916 Burdett Loomis Arms

Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine

1917-1921 Mark F. Boyd
1921-1940 William B. Sharp

Preventive Medicine and Public Health

1940-1941 John W. Spies
1941-1961 Carl A. Nau
1961-1966 Don W. Micks

Preventive Medicine and Community Health

1966-1985    Don W. Micks
1985-1990    Harold Sandstead
1990-1991    John Bruhn
1991-2007    Harvey Bunce, III
2007-2009    Billy Philips, Jr.
2009 - 2012  Harvey Bunce, III 
2012-Present Laura Rudkin
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