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The Graduate Student Organization is a non-profit, educational association, which exists to foster the development and growth of graduate students enrolled in the Graduate Program in Preventive Medicine and Community Health (PMCH) at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). The Organization shall serve to disseminate pertinent information among the Membership and to further the interests of the Membership by promoting participation in University affairs. Activities shall include, but are not limited to, inviting guest speakers, honoring PMCH graduate students and program faculty, and assisting the PMCH program faculty in orientation and recruitment initiatives. The Organization shall work cooperatively and collaboratively with the faculty members of the Graduate Program in PMCH to achieve these goals.

Previous Service Activities

September 2011: Benefit Drive for Victims of Texas Wildfires


September 20, 2012: "Global Health Initiative" - Screening of the documentary RX for Survival - A Global Health Challenge with food from Pho 20.

December 13, 2012: "Global Health Potluck" - Screening of 2008 Global Conference: Revolutionizing Health Care and Research in the Developing World with dishes provided by students, staff and faculties

September 2011: Julie M. Trumble presented "Using Library Resources"

February 2007: Linda B. Crumpler, MLS, MBA presented, “Tips for the Beginning Grantseeker:  An Overview of Grants and Funding for Graduate Students and Postdocs”

September 2006: Librarian Julie Trumble presented methods of literature search to students at PMCH GSO meeting. Methods of using Ovid were discussed, as were PubMed search strategies. Materials were handed out to aid students in their use of University and library resources. 

August 2006: Introduced new officers for the PMCH GSO. An orientation to the UTMB campus and resources available to students were discussed at this meeting. Attendees were surveyed about information that they would like to see made available. Information sheets were handed out to the students. 

April 2006: Recruited new officers; Dr. Billy Philips joined us to provide an overview of the comprehensive exam process and proposed changes. Dr. Harvey Bunce was invited to a GSO meeting to discuss the state of the department, program, and his retirement plans 

January 2006: Dr. John Papaconstantinou was invited by the PMCH GSO to provide a seminar on the molecular basis for aging.  He was chosen specifically because there were aspects of his research that were applicable to almost every PMCH division.  

September 2005: Invited Organization of Postdoctoral Scientists to speak to students about the appropriateness of pursuing a postdoctoral position, what to look for, and how to interview 

August 2005: Implemented “PMCH GSO: Resources for Students” emails.  This was a way to disseminate job, conference, and other opportunities found by the GSO for students in PMCH 

Summer 2005: Planning time. Officers created a strategic plan for the year with 1-3 year goals as a way to help the organization stabilize


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Current Officers

  • Donna Le

    Vi Le Secretary

  • Walker, Leah

    Leah Walker Website Administrator

  • Lewis_Powell_Zakkoyya

    Zakkoyya Lewis-Powell Chair

  • Loresto, Figaro

    Figaro Loresto Jr. Secretary/Treasurer

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