Health Fair Kits to Go

The Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health offers four ready-to-use health promotions kits for student use at healthy living events. These kits include health promotion posters and activities addressing four different health topics: Healthy Drink Choices, Fall Prevention, Sun Safety, and Children’s Fitness. Each kit is designed for a distinct age group. The kits can be checked out from Ewing Hall and returned after each healthy living event. 

What are the kits?

There are currently four separate kits targeted towards four distinct groups of people. We would love to hear your suggestions for additional kit topics.

Kit #1: “Rethink the Drink”

Target audience: teenagers

The first kit is designed to reveal the true sugar and fat composition of sodas and sports drinks to adolescents. This interactive kit includes four posters and an activity that visually displays the proportions of fat and sugar in our favorite coffee drinks. The posters encourage substituting unhealthy drink options with water or fruit juice.


Kit #2: “Catch Them Before They Fall”

Target audience: elderly adults

This kit is designed to explain preventive measures to elderly adults. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention posters describe four simple measures that elderly adults can take to decrease their chances of experiencing a traumatic fall.


Kit #3: “Ban the Burn”

Target audience: Adults

The third kit is full of information for adults explaining the dangers of skin damage and how to prevent it. The fold-out “ban the burn” poster has a list of precautionary actions to prevent adults and their children from experiencing skin damage. Also included is a “Slowburn Display” that portrays the slow but permanent damage that sun burn has on the skin.


Kit #4: “Children’s Fit”

Target audience: Children

The last kit includes several activities and posters encouraging children to enjoy and engage in consistent physical activity. The four included activities are interactive games that incorporate exercise techniques: “spin smart game,” “activity bingo,” “exercise clever catchball,” “fitness dice game.” 


Why use the kits?

Health fairs and healthy living events can be an effective way to promote positive health behaviors in the community. There is enormous potential for individual change when students and faculty engage the community at these events. The Health Fair Kits-to-Go provide materials and information to make such events a positive and efficacious experience for everyone involved.

We have also created an 11-minute video that explains how to best use the kits. The video addresses three major health promotion concepts that will be important to understand when conducting a healthy living event: health communication, health literacy, and cultural competence. We strongly encourage anyone who is considering using the kits or hosting a healthy living event to watch the following video.


How can I use the kits?

The kits are available for use by anyone affiliated with the University of Texas Medical Branch. Contact Kaitlin Ashmore by email or phone (409) 772-1140 to check kit availability for the date of your healthy living event. If the kits are available, you can pick up the kits and included materials during business hours at Ewing Hall suite 1.116. The kits must be checked back in after your healthy living event.

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