Curriculum of the Clinical Science Program

Degree Requirements

The M.S. and Ph.D. curriculum plans include core program requirements as well as curriculum specific courses. Research projects and elective courses can be tailored to meet individual student’s interests and career goals.

Degree requirements include:

  • A minimum of 36 credit hours (M.S.)
  • Core courses in clinical and population health sciences
    • Biostatistics
    • Epidemiology
    • Translational Epi I & II
    • Intro to Linear Models
    • Intro to Data Management
    • Research Design and Methods
    • Seminar
  • Curricular track and elective courses
  • An Ethics of Science course (MEHU 6101)
  • Written and oral qualifying examinations (Ph.D.)
  • Completion of an original research project resulting in a written thesis (M.S.) or dissertation (Ph.D.)
  • An oral presentation and defense of the dissertation research (Ph.D.)

The student’s mentor and advisory committee guide the student in developing a course plan that includes all curriculum specific requirements.  Students select elective courses from among the diverse offerings of this and other GSBS Programs.

The typical Ph.D. curriculum plan includes two years of course work providing the student with strong quantitative research skills and an understanding of theory and methods within the specific curricular area.  Students also work on mentored research projects during these academic years. The student takes the qualifying examination in the third year to demonstrate proficiency in the required knowledge and skills and to show readiness to conduct independent research.  Submission of an approved dissertation proposal advances the student to candidacy for the degree.  Completion, presentation, and defense of the dissertation project are the final requirements in the curriculum plan.

General Curricular Plan
PhD General Curricular Plan

List of Graduate Courses

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