Public Health Boot Camp

Any UTMB Health student, faculty member, or staff member can attend the Public Health Boot Camp.

Priority enrollment will be given to medical and PA students who have been selected as Primary Care Plus Scholars.

Primary Care Plus is a new educational program at UTMB focused on integrating training primary care and public health.

The case-based curriculum is designed to provide participants with exposure to basic public health concepts and principles and opportunities to practice public health skills. Students who complete the Boot Camp will be better prepared to partner with public health professionals and community members to identify and address community health problems.

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The next Public Health Boot Camp will be

May 2-6, 2016

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Morning Session
(8am- 12pm)

Afternoon Session

Monday Monitor health status to identify community health problems and disparities.
Diagnose and investigate health problems and hazards in the community.
Tuesday Inventory community needs and resources related to health.
Prioritize problems with input from multiple stakeholders.
Program and Policy Development
Wednesday Engage community partners to address health problems and disparities.
Develop community-based educational and behavioral interventions.
Thursday Develop policies and regulations to support health improvement.
Plan quality improvement projects focused on medical care and public health services.
Friday Evaluate effectiveness of programs and policies. 
Evaluate quality and accessibility of services.

The Boot Camp curriculum is built around the three core functions of public health—assessment, program and policy development, and assurance. Research is an additional activity providing needed evidence to support decision making in all areas. Key concepts and principles from the core disciplines of public health—biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, health policy and management, and behavioral and social sciences—will be integrated throughout the curriculum. Application of these concepts and principles will be highlighted.


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